What is Rachel Campos Duffy Salary and Net Worth?

Rachel Campos Duffy’s Salary and Net Worth

Rachel is well-known for her outspoken and vocal personality as a TV personality for Fox News programs. She appears on various Fox News programs such as Outnumbered, and The Ingraham Angle and is now a permanent co-host on Fox & Friends Weekend.

Rachel is also known to be a strong Republican supporter and a critic of the Democratic and President Joe Biden’s government.

Salary at Fox News

According to various reports,  Rachel Campos Duffy earns an estimated annual salary of $400, 000 as a host and TV personality for FOX News.

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Net Worth

Rachel has an estimated net worth of $500, 000 as of 2024. She is a TV personality, author, and podcast host and was formerly a reality star.

While campaigning for Congress in Wisconsin’s seventh congressional district in 2009, he disclosed his and his wife’s assets are worth between  $110,011 and $400,000. He also revealed he still paying his student loans, and mortgage and takes care of his children and wife.

Rachel Campos Duffy and her Husband Sean Duffy
Rachel Campos Duffy and her Husband Sean Duffy

Duffy’s mortgage debts were between $250,000 and $500,000 student loans amounted to $100, 000, debit and credit card debt was $50, 000 and loans of $250, 000.

At that time he was earning a salary of $174, 000 annually which he claimed was not enough to cater to his bills.

Rachel now works with her husband Sean Duffy at Fox News. They also host the podcast From The Kitchen Table podcast where they discuss a bunch of topics like family, children, and issues around the world.

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Rachel Campos Duffy’s Career after The Real World

Rachel was first known for starring in the MTV reality show The Real World: San Francisco in January 1994. She then appeared in the MTV game show Road Rules: All Stars which followed the previous cast members of The Real World.

That’s where she met her now husband Sean Duffy who was a cast member of Real World: Boston.

She then tried out several times for a co-host spot on The View but never got the part. Rachel then began appearing on Fox News programs where she gave her commentary as a Republican on the shows.

She has even had controversial comments while defending her party which has rubbed other people the wrong way.

In 2018 while appearing on The Ingraham Angle, Rachel supported Trump’s administration’s approach of separating immigrant families arrested crossing the US border.

About the shelters where the children were housed; Rachel said; “The detention centers are far safer than the journey that these children just came on, and I will say this…people aren’t stupid. I spoke to some African Americans who said, ‘Gosh, the conditions of the detention centers are better than some of the projects that I grew up in.’

She was heavily criticized for her comments online with reporter Jane Coaston tweeting;

“Which African-Americans? I don’t remember this coming up at our monthly meetings, the ones we all have, together, because we are all very much alike,”

Nicole Hannah Jones, a writer for New York Times Magazine tweeted;

“Please have these so-called African Americans you so-called talked to do an on-camera interview about how they lived in cages with tin-foil blankets away from their parents. Which projects were these? The projects of the white imagination.”

Laura Ingraham was also criticized for saying the child detention centers were”essentially summer camps”

Rachel is also a strong Democrat critic. She believed Trump won the 2020 presidential elections as there were “fraud and shenanigans”  in the process.

You can find Rachel’s Social Media Handles; on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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