Is Entertainer LaTruth Really Worth $1 Million? What Does He Do?

LaTruth is an entertainer and rapper popular among his Tik Tok and Facebook fans. He is known for his songs such as Drop It Low, Hands-Free, Let Me See You Dance, Guapanese, and Confessions among others.

He recently separated from his wife of 7 years after a nasty breakup which they back and forth on social media. In a tik Tok, Latruth revealed through a screenshot that he is worth $1 million which most of his fans could not believe.

Robert has an older daughter called Princes Desharia from his first marriage. He also has another daughter with Briana called Amoura.

What is LaTruth’s Net Worth?

As an entertainer and upcoming rapper, LaTruth is estimated to be worth between $100 k – $500 k.

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What Does Latruth Do For A Living?

According to his social media profile, he is a rapper, actor, and public speaker. He has released a number of projects which are available on music sites such as Reverbnation, iTunes, Google Play, Datpiff, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

In 2017, he collaborated with Snoop Dog and Kz and released the song Don’t Disrespect which has been streamed and downloaded in big numbers on music streaming platforms.

LaTruth whose real name is Robert Hampton revealed that he took a break from his rapping career and concentrate n being an entertainer and actor.

Since becoming an entertainer, his fanbase grew from 100 k followers to around 10 million followers on all his social media platforms combined.

Robert began sharing short sketches about daily relatable life, especially from the black community on his Facebook and Youtube.

His fans really loved the content that he was doing with his then-wife Briana.

In 2018, he created the web series Will He Cheat where he would put himself in compromising situations in which society will expect him to cheat. His aim was to change the narrative that men are always cheating on their partners.

One of Robert’s sketches has been viewed over $60 million times on his Facebook. He has also created other web series such as ‘Black Men Do Anything To Win a Bet’ and ‘Netflix and Chill Role Reversal’ which have attracted more than 10 million views.

Robert also had a clothing line that had the phrases Real Father Gang and Humber Over Flex. His clothing received positive responses from his fanbase.


LaTruth 41, announced to his fans that he had cancer in April 2022.

“I just received my results from my endoscopy and found out that I have stomach cancer and I’m getting my stomach removed. Everybody keep me in your prayers. Name some holistic doctors and remedies in the comments ua, below family. I REFUSE TO LET CANCER DEFEAT ME !!!”

His wife shared on her Instagram a video of her and her husband with the caption;

“My heart is so broken. So yesterday we found out my husband has cancer 😩😭! I am trying so hard to be strong for him. I need all my prayer warriors to show out we need all the prayers we can get!! Thank you for choosing me to be your WIFE. I am so #blessed to go through this thing called life with you. @_latruth”

He underwent surgery to remove his stomach completely which resulted in his recovery from his cancer. Days later, he revealed that he was cancer free.


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