Furrha Family Business; How Did The Furrha Family Become Famous?

The Furrha Family is a social media family who has since grown to be one of the most influential  Arab-American families.

Led by their patriarch Coach Furrha, the family has been able to reach millions of fans through their platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and mainly Tik Tok.

In today’s era, the more followers you have the more likely you’re able to earn. The Furrha Family has been able to monetize their fame as they earn through advertisements, brand deals, and endorsements of various brands on their social media platforms.

According to various reports, Kim Kardashian makes approximately $954.2K to 1.5 million per Instagram post with over 300 million followers.  The Furrha’s are not far from earning a fortune based on their following.

Furrha Family Members
Furrha Family Members

As of October 2022, The TikTok Family has over 10.7 million followers on Tik Tok, 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and over 3.46 million subscribers on Youtube.

Since they present themselves as a family brand, they collaborate or endorse brands that resonate with their content. Their content is often about how they manage to co-exist as a large Arab American family in this day and age.

The Family also blends humor, skits,  and challenges in their videos to highlight their typical daily lives. They also share their Arab culture and practices with their followers.

What does the Furrha family do?

The Furrha Family are social media influencers. They endorse or advertise brands on their social media pages. Apart from doing business as a family, they also have their individual careers and lives.

Furrha Family Net Worth

The Furrha Family has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022.

What does Salem Furrha do for a living?

Salem Furrha commonly known as Coach is a businessman and now a social media influencer individually. He has over 45.6 k followers on his Instagram and 213.1K Followers on tik tok.

Apart from being an influencer, Coach is a real estate agent and a high school football coach. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

How Did The Furrha Family Become Famous?

It was in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic when the family had their big social media fame. They would make videos as a result of boredom from lockdown but soon they blew up and everybody was talking about them.

Their family skits and challenges got people laughing and happy and slowly by slowly their followers and fanbase began to increase. One post on their TikTok attracted 35 million views. “It was going 3,000 and 4,000 views a second,” Salem Furrha said.

Furrha Family

When asked why they think people love their content, Coach said; our skits are relatable to everyday family life … and they realize that is what they have in their households …”

The Furrha Family consists of Nader, Fifi Rush, Hanna, Sammy, Linda, Rekan “Rocky”, and Kies together with their parents Salem and Samah Furrha.

Fifi and Hanna do not appear much in their videos as they are married and live a bit far from their family. Fifi runs the channel Dontstopmeowing with her husband Kareem where they document their cats.

Furrha Family Socials

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